Monday, November 23, 2009

Street Smarts Alerts

What are street smarts? They are those bits of wisdom earned through careful observation of - and exposure to - how the world really works. They often leave scars and vows never to repeat the experience, but their guidance is invaluable. Your street smarts alert starts to sound when:

  1. You've arrived at the important meeting and two key people have suddenly and mysteriously bailed out.

  2. A report goes into extraordinary detail on every point but one.

  3. An executive asks that a completely unnecessary opinion on a topic be put in writing.

  4. The person who promised to round up support on a project announces that he's having a tough time getting appointments.

  5. The phrase "Trust me" is used more than once in a meeting.

  6. A strategy is based on a complicated series of events that would make the best pool shots of all time look simple.

  7. As you listen to a proposal, you keep wondering, "What does this mean in plain language?"

  8. A decision that could have taken one week has not been made after four months.

  9. A noted opponent of a project wants to join the project team.

  10. The advocates for a major program keep insisting that it be approved without extensive examination.

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