Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Rudeness is inexcusable. Perfection is paralyzing. To be ethical is to be judgmental. Large government = small citizens. Sometimes, a command decision is needed. The strong should protect the weak. There is such a thing as evil. Humility can be both a virtue and a vice. On occasion, all of us are dumber than one of us. If you stand by and permit injustice when it was in your power to prevent it, you should be damned. Smugness is lethal. You need to thank someone today. In addition to a few friends and enemies, we have many quasi-friends and quasi-enemies and most people don't think about us at all. One of the challenges of life is overcoming the effects of high school. If you sense it is, it probably is, especially if you sense something is bad. We look at so much and notice so little. Some of the most dangerous people are those who want to save the world. There should be workshops on how to avoid being too clever. Character won't break you, but style can be darned expensive. Study your opponents and try to learn their names. History is the key subject and all others are secondary. Read the minutes of the last meeting. Better yet, write the minutes. Learn how you learn. Listen to fools but don't argue with them. Be kinder than you think you should be. Don't think weakness discourages attacks. If you have to hit, hit hard. Try to look at the sky at least once a day. Learn the names of trees and birds. Laugh at yourself. Refrain from cruelty, no matter how you dress it up. Have a passion or two. Know your weaknesses. Forgive yourself. Study your own language. Learn to read people. Help someone without their knowing you've helped them. Be patient. All will be well.


Joe Raasch said...

Thank you Michael Wade!

Ted Goff said...

Thanks, Michael.

Michael Wade said...

Joe and Ted,

I'm glad you liked it!

Eclecticity said...

You Wise Guy you. E.

MFTB. (More for the book(s).

Michael Wade said...


I'm going to write that book and you'll be given ample credit. No royalties, of course, just credit.