Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Worst Films You Were Suckered into Seeing

Law professor and blogger Ann Althouse has started compiling a list of the ten worst movies of the decade.

I disagree with some of her choices; e.g. "Sideways" and "Little Miss Sunshine". Her readers' comments turned the focus into the "worst films we were suckered into seeing by gushing reviews." I like that slant but let's not limit this to the decade. I'll start off with:

  1. The English Patient
  2. Titanic
  3. Dances with Wolves
  4. Out of Africa
  5. Good Will Hunting
  6. True Grit


Matt M. said...

Star Wars Ep 1-3

Michael Wade said...


You're a brave man!

Kathy said...

My Dinner With Andre. I know some people adore it but...blecch!

Michael Wade said...


I'll confess. I liked My Dinner with Andre.

But I didn't love it.