Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blogging's Gifts

Cultural Offering has a post on the gifts of blogging and every point rings true.

This is an odd little pursuit. We bloggers are often tapping away at strange hours, surfacing this point or that link. The contacts with readers and other bloggers make it worthwhile. I am especially sensitive to your presence because this blog does not neatly fit into a category. There are many fine business blogs out there but their focus would drive me nuts. I have to lapse into other topics on occasion and operate with an iron rule: If I find an item to be boring, it won't go in the blog. It's a tad subjective.

A word about readers: Although most sites have the occasional troll, this one has been extremely fortunate. Its readers span the ideological range and the globe. They are polite and thoughtful. I am often remiss at responding to the comments, not because the opinions are unworthy but because my schedule is pressing and I am a sloth. If I ever dash off a response that seems indifferent or thoughtless, I assure you that was unintentional.

Please know that you are valued.


John Phillips said...

Your blogging has been a continuous gift to me during the year. Keep it up. Happy holidays! Happy new year! Happy blogging!


Jeff said...

You're a daily read for me and one of the more pleasurable parts of my day.

Best of health and success to your and your family in 2010 and beyond!

- Jeff

Michael Wade said...


The same to you! Thanks for your kind words.


That means a lot to me. Best of health and success to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

If after all your prolific and thoughtful work you miss a comment and consider it sloth, then I must be... what, a double sloth? Snail? You're my favorite morning read to start the day with a good attitude.

Michael Wade said...

Dear Anonymous,

You've made my day.


Wendell said...

Michael - Thanks for the link but most of all thanks for your blog. It is a refreshing, thoughtful source of great ideas and perspective.
Merry Christmas.

Deron S. said...

Execupundit is an oasis in an increasingly materialistic, indifferent and superficial society. Keep up the great blogging!

Michael Wade said...

Dear Wendell and Deron,

I am very glad that my blog has made a difference. Thanks to each of you and Merry Christmas!


Cultural Offering said...

Michael - Thanks for your site. Merry Christmas