Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shark Schedule

Stanley Bing describes a schedule of sleep deprivation:

One major lesson I’ve learned, and it’s not a good one, probably, is that I can actually function on three or four hours, not just now and then, but consistently. Some days I need to close my door and faint for a couple of minutes to set things right, a habit I’ve been pursuing since I was new to the corporation. I used to sleep on the floor with my head right next to the closed door, so that if anybody opened it I would be slammed in the head and wake. Sounds stupid, I know, but it worked. “What are you doing down there?” they would say, and I would reply, “Looking for a cuff link. What’s up.” And life would go on.

And one reader (Steve from Anaheim) comments:

Dude! With your unconventional sleep pattern philosophy, You have a bright, bright future at Northwest Airlines! I suggest you sign up for Pilot training right away!

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