Wednesday, December 30, 2009

100-Day Plans

Writing in Fortune, Nadira A. Hira on an interesting management strategy designed to inspire innovation:

Fahrenheit's answer to that is "100-day plans." Every 100 days, everyone gets together, locks the doors, ditches the cell phones, and sits down to a company-wide strategy session.

Together, they set the company's goals for the next 100 days. And they go around the table to hear how each staffer -- execs included -- did on his personal deliverables over the last 100 days. They ask each other questions, weigh in with their own perspectives on their colleagues' work, and do lots of ribbing, reflecting, and cheering.

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Eclecticity said...

I like it. Why not? Sounds like almost quarerly. Engaging as many in the enterprise as possible makes sense. E.