Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bad Vibrations, Hookers, and Polar Bears

Mark Steyn on the vibes from Copenhagen:

. . . Remember that story a couple of weeks ago about how Danish prostitutes were offering free sex to Copenhagen delegates for the duration of the conference? I initially assumed it was just an amusing marketing cash-in by savvy Nordic strumpets. But no, the local "sex workers union" Sexarbejdernes Interesseorganisation, was responding to the municipal government's campaign to discourage attendees from partaking of prostitutes. The City of Copenhagen distributed cards to every hotel room showing a lady of the evening at a seedy street corner over the slogan "BE SUSTAINABLE: Don't Buy Sex."

"Be sustainable"? Prostitution happens to be legal in Copenhagen, and the "sex workers" understandably were peeved at being lumped into the same category as such planet wreckers as Big Oil, car manufacturers, travel agents and other notorious pariahs. So Big Sex decided not to take it lying down. Yet in an odd way, that municipal postcard gets to the heart of what's going on: Government can - and will - use a "sustainable" environment as a pretext for anything that tickles its fancy. All ambitious projects - communism, the new caliphate - have global ambitions, but when the globe itself is the cover for those ambitions, freeborn citizens should beware. Nico Little, a Canadian leftie at the Rabble Web site, distilled the logic into a single headline:

"Hookers Are Killing Polar Bears and Now You Can't Water Your Lawn."

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DarkoV said...

Anyone do the carbon footprint savings calcs on the salacious freebies offered?

It's still 2009, still a time for coal.