Friday, December 18, 2009

Kindness and Unity in Bangor

John Phillips has some touching observations at the Bangor, Maine International Airport. It is certainly a contrast with the points made in the previously posted Peggy Noonan column.

Bangor is the airport where numerous troops going to or returning from Iraq or Afghanistan stop over. It’s not unusual for there to be what seems to be hundreds of military men and women roaming around the airport, using computers, talking on cellphones, getting a bite to eat, or just hanging out with each other.

Each time troops fly into or out of Bangor, the Maine Troop Greeters are there. Composed of veterans and Mainers who want to show support for our troops, these greeters bring handshakes, hugs, blankets, Bibles, cellphones, flags, snacks, and other gifts of friendship for these brave young people whom almost not a single greeter knows. There’s no telling how many times the greeters say “Thank you” or “God bless you” or “Good luck, or “See you when you return.” It’s a model workplace of friendship and support.

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