Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Living Well

You'll enjoy these:

Verging on Pertinence takes us to Paris for a snack in the park and then waxes philosophical about aging and biscotti. An excerpt from the latter:

The biscotti are a treasure-trove of life's hard experiences to be enjoyed in little nips, followed by a chewing and mulling over. To the biscotti you must bring your own liquid, coffee, tea ,or your mouth's juices so you can wear down time's hardening of things gone past. The madeleine? A young man's cookie, malleable and without the hard inner core of substance. It is the elemental biscotti, flour, eggs, water (o.k. an almond or two for additional mulling over), that serves le penseur best. Time and heat. Twice. That's what life, aging, and cookies are all about.

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