Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Class Names

I often feel that if people could sign up for the classes they'd really like we'd see titles such as:

  • "How to Discipline an Employee Without Upper Management Getting Weak-Kneed and Selling Me Out Later"

  • "Briefing Your Team on What is Happening When You Don't Have a Clue"

  • "Techniques for Maintaining a Straight Face When Someone Who Can Harm Your Career is Speaking Utter Nonsense"

  • "Staying Motivated When the Weasels are Winning"

  • "How to Survive Being Logical in an Illogical Workplace"

  • "Secrets of Successful Loons"


Anonymous said...

So true, brother. I am suffering through the illogical upper management syndrome right now... sigh.

Deron S. said...

I'd pay top $ to attend the "Being Logical in an Illogical Workplace" class. If I could just hear that I'm not alone, I'd be happy!