Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I thought I was harsh on Avatar until I read Stephen Hunter's review:

Avatar, the latest cinematic science-fiction epic, turns out to be a half-a-billion-dollar case of reinventing the Ferris wheel. The final product is a hyper-gaudy, brainless attraction that goes round and round and deposits you exactly where it picked you up, only you’re poorer and dumber and you’ll never get your 2 hours and 40 minutes back.


Eclecticity said...

uh, sure, yeah, but those special effects...

Actually haven't gone yet, but I've been told, silly movie but something to experience?

If you tell me not to, I won't, my uberhero blogging guru master. E.

Michael Wade said...


The special effects are the main reason to see the film. Another is to appreciate fully just how shallow a film script can get. From those points, it is worth seeing, but be forewarned, the film is incredibly stupid.

If you go, please let me know what you think of it.