Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Filling Up the Low Places

William Horden on how to see beauty in the mundane. An excerpt:
This aspect of wisdom that is both personal and impersonal at the same time seems to be one we are most reluctant to accept. We know the world doesn't revolve around us but we are loathe to give up our central place in our life-story, perhaps because we fear that if we don't look out for ourselves, no one will. Behaving like water, the wisdom saying advises, means that we stop seeking for ourselves and simply nurture others. This places us in a position that most other people around us reject but because we are fulfilling an unmet need, we actually make ourselves indispensable and, as the time changes in unforeseeable ways, we find unimagined success. This strategy of "filling up the low places" is a time-honored open secret of success.

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