Monday, February 22, 2010

Music for Work

It is a rainy day in Phoenix. I got into the office early and rifled through some CDs to pick some appropriate mood music. My choice? Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring."

Although I have pretty eclectic tastes in music, Copland has the consistent capacity to transport and uplift. [When I was in the Army, I used to listen to "Rodeo" and "Billy The Kid" when homesick for Arizona.]

Some lean toward pop music, the blues or hard rock to get the work day going. There may even be some rap or hip hop fans out there.

Do you have a particular type of music or musician that helps you get the job done?


Cultural Offering said...

Hands down: Mozart. I know the studies about the "Mozart Effect" have been debunked. Perhaps I have convinced myself. But Mozart is getting-things-done music. Most Mozart works but the Piano Sonatas are particularly effective. Now, excuse me because this little break is over. Mozart is playing on a rainy day in Ohio. Oh, and if you had an iPod, you could just plug the player into your speakers, select the appropriate artist or composer or genre, place the iPod on album shuffle mode and it would play Copeland all day for you.

MattR said...

If I really need to get my productivity on, then I tend to turn to electronic music - something with a 4/4 beat and lots of melody - like Kraftwerk or Orbital - just to get my rhythm going and my energy levels up.

If I need to be more creative, then I slow things down - and listen to things that give me a more emotional response, I have a 'favourites' playlist on Spotify that just has tunes that make me feel more open and engaged with my work.

Anonymous said...

Well let the truth be told I listen to Led Zeppelin when I need to get productive. And by all accounts it works! I do like your Copeland songs, perhaps you would consider adding "fanfair for the common man" and "hoedown", I do believe he wrote both of them. And by the way Keith Emerson's version of both did Copeland proud!


Deron S. said...

To be truly productive, I need to quiet my mind because there are a lot of competing stimuli out there. I tend to favor Sirius/XM's Chill station for that. Meditation helps too!

Eclecticity said...

When I really need to work, there can't be any music on for me. Love it too much and it takes my attention away from where it needs to be.

ADDidly yours, E.

Michael Wade said...

Very interesting options, ranging from Mozart to Led Zeppelin. I've heard a little Kraftwerk. Don't know Orbital.

I need to get out more.