Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran Stuns?

News from Iran on what was supposed to be a day that would stun the West.

So far, I'm sort of "unstunned."


John said...


At first glance, it appears that the day did not belong to the Greens, as many had hoped and had expected. But while the mainstream media may not have the headlines it was expecting for tomorrow's papers, the regime by no means scored a victory today, either. The crisis that the Islamic Republic has been facing for the last eight months will undoubtedly continue, with no resolution in sight. In fact, the idea that protests can be "put out" (as they were in 1999) seems to have all but vanished. Things have matured to such a point where simply preventing the Greens from delivering a devastating blow on days like today is all the government can hope for. Survival has become its modus operandi. The economy, conservative infighting, international sanctions, and indeed, continued protests from the opposition all loom in the weeks and months ahead. And while the Greens continue to ingeniously work on ways to better network and organize, the regime has only thought of installing loudspeakers on Tehran's streets to drown out cries of "death to the dictator." Make no mistake, this is not a battle that the regime is winning, irregardless of how poorly or successfully the day went.

Michael Wade said...


Fingers crossed. It will be a happy day when the people of Iran bring down that regime.