Monday, June 14, 2010

Determining the Best Candidate for the Job

Some reasons why employers have difficulty selecting the best person for the job:
  1. They know very little about the actual job requirements.
  2. They disagree over the necessity and priority of various job skills.
  3. They say they want A but really want G.
  4. They are threatened by a highly qualified candidate.
  5. They don't care much about who gets the job.
  6. They know who is going to get the job regardless of how the selection process is handled.
  7. They rely heavily upon screening mechanisms that address a limited range of what is needed to be successful on the job.
  8. They know what it takes to be successful but are forced to ignore those standards.
  9. They don't have the time to make a thorough analysis of the candidates.
  10. They give too much - or too little - weight to a part of the candidate's background or qualifications.
Question: When does a quest for an excellent candidate cloud the ability to find a pretty good one?

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