Monday, June 14, 2010

Diet Calculations: Give or Take a Cookie

What would happen to your weight if you added a tasty chocolate chip cookie to your daily diet without making any other changes? So you don't exercise any more than you do today and you keep eating everything else that you're eating today. Except for that extra 210 calorie chocolate chip cookie.

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Dan Richwine said...

Not a suprise to me. I've been educating myself about weight loss and nutrition, and learning about the fact that fat actually burns calories, meaning if you lose 100 pounds, you are buring about 500 less calories a day than when you started. And, as the article states, vice versa. The body will change to accomodate your total caloric intake.

In nutrition, they say when you go on a diet, eventually your diet becomes your basic nuturitional needs as your body adjusts. Which is why, of course, diets don't work long term: the body is very smart and will adjust to whatever you're doing to it. The only real weight loss is permanent change, and if you're going for long term big changes you must sometimes reevaluate your basic metabolic rate.

It's all there, it just takes a little study.