Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Business Publications

I confess to an addiction to The Wall Street Journal. It is, quite simply, an excellent newspaper and if other newspapers were half as good then the news biz would be healthy indeed.

I read other business-related publications, of course, and find much to appreciate in Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Fast Company and, well the list goes on. [Each of those magazines has fans whose ardor resembles that of a Cubs fan at the start of baseball season.]

So here's a question: If you could only read one business newspaper or magazine, which one would it be?


DarkoV said...

No contest.
2) Interesting & insightful.
3) Timely.
No biz mag can provide all three, especially the third point.

Only quibble I have is the slowly horse-blindered outlook the editorial page has taken on since Rupert bought the paper. Wish he'd take his hands off.

Michael Wade said...


The WSJ is one of the few publications that I regularly look forward to reading.

I still think the editorial page is one of the best in the world and it provides some balance to the coverage in the rest of the paper.