Sunday, August 22, 2010

Treats for Sunday

Some Mozart is playing at Cultural Offering and this is a good day to take a peek at In A Cardboard Belt!, a collection of essays by Joseph Epstein. Here's the first paragraph of the introduction, "Kid Turns Seventy, Nobody Cheers":

Seventy. Odd thing to happen to a five-year-old boy who only the other day sang "Any Bonds for Sale," whose mother's friends said he would be a heartbreaker for sure (he wasn't), who was popular but otherwise undistinguished in high school, who went on to the University of Chicago but has long ago forgotten the dates of the rule of the Thirty Tyrants in Athens and the eight reasons for the Renaissance, who has married twice and written books nineteen times, who somewhere along the way became the grandfather of three, life is but a dream, sha-boom sha-boom, seventy, me, go on, whaddya, kiddin' me?

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