Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"An Unappreciated Gem"

Congratulations to Jim Stroup on this praise-filled review of his book, Managing Leadership.

I've been enjoying Jim's blog for a long time and am ashamed to say that I have not read the book. That will soon be remedied.


Eclecticity said...

This is terrific! Happy to say that I have read Jim's book and it's all that.

Boost! E.

Michael Wade said...


Shortly after posting, I got it on Kindle.

Soon to fall into reading frenzy. I've also gotten the recent book by Wally Bock.


Jim Stroup said...

Thanks for your kindness with this post (and for your comments, E.).

Coincidentally, I just noticed that I can now download books for my Kindle for PC here in Istanbul, and just got your book on presenting to boards. Looking forward to it. Hadn't been aware of Wally's book - will look for it.

Thanks again!

Michael Wade said...


You are more than welcome. I got your book on Kindle and look forward to reading it. I hope you enjoy the council presentations book.