Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Innovative Vacation Policy

Daniel H. Pink looks at a non-policy that seems to work:

At Netflix, the vacation policy is audaciously simple and simply audacious. Salaried employees can take as much time off as they'd like, whenever they want to take it. Nobody – not employees themselves, not managers – tracks vacation days.

In other words, Netflix's holiday policy is to have no policy at all.


CincyCat said...

I think I read a few years ago that Best Buy had done away with schedules at all, and allowed office employees to work from where ever they wanted. The last I heard was that it worked so well for office employees that they were ready to start piloting the program in stores. Best Buy is still around, so it either worked, or they scrapped it. I don't know how it eventually turned out.

Michael Wade said...


That's an interesting example. I haven't heard the latest on BestBuy. I'll see what I can find.