Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hiding Place

A wise manager or supervisor learns early on that a hiding place is invaluable. It may be a coffee shop, library, museum or some other place of escape where uninterrupted thinking time is available.

Trying to think in some workplaces resembles an attempt to take a nap in the lane of a NASCAR race. All of the signs, body language signals, and requests in the world won't stop those who are determined to grab "just a minute" (and it's never just a minute) of your time. Absence is key.

But it must remain secret. If the word gets out, you'll find yourself being tracked down in a McDonald's or cornered in a library. Your hideaway must never be known.

There may be a business opportunity here. Some entrepreneur may decide to rent out one or two hours of hideaway space on a monthly subscription basis. Call it The Monastery, impose a vow of silence, and business may boom.


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