Friday, August 27, 2010

Want to See My Fonts?

Eclecticity has found a new font.

Some of us have reached an age when fonts are matters of intense interest.


Jeff said...

It's interesting how the digital world has changed how type is defined. Back in the day, Honeyscript would actually be a "type family." A "font" was a complete set of characters in a particular size, style, and weight of a particular typeface in that family. A typeface would be a particular style.

So, Honeyscript Bold 12 pt, would describe the family as Honeyscript, the face as Bold, and the 12 pt. the font.

Font is now just used as a generic definition. Just ask Clippy... :)

When I first started in the publishing industry, I'd get hung up on that arcana. I also used to get incredibly confused. Still am.

Sort of like trying to imagine exactly the steps the engine systems are going thru when you turn the key in the ignition.

You don't really care - you just want the car to start!

It's Saturday - don't I have better things to do? :)

- Jeff

Michael Wade said...


What a great and interesting comment! I will try not to use "font" so loosely again.


Eclecticity said...

Jeff, go find yourself some cool fonts.

Ouch. E.