Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm fighting the blahs today: problems that my doctor describes as sinus and ear, a phrase that I now associate with "red in tooth and claw."

All I know is the blahs are accompanied by occasional periods of exhaustion. This weekend, I took some ear medicine that the doctor prescribed and that may have made things worse.

This departure from my usual sunny self may inspire a return to a home remedy that caused my doctor, after I vividly described it, to stare at me for a few seconds. He obviously spotted brilliance and had little to add.

Anyway, I'm gathering together my computer work projects and am tackling them in bursts. In-between, various remedies will be applied. I'm trying to recall if any involve chocolate.


Cultural Offering said...

There is always a stiff drink, Michael. What time is it out there anyway?

Michael Wade said...

"Medicine knows no time of day."

- Jack Daniels

Eclecticity said...

Do tell Dr. Wade. E. Hope you are better.