Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Changes

You may have noticed that the blog roll has been expanded. If I've been linking to your site and your blog is not yet listed, never fear. We're operating from a group of lists and it should be up in due time. If it isn't, send me an email. Sometimes, things just happen and my memory needs a nudge.

If your blog was dropped, it is because it has become inactive - that last post during the Truman administration was a tip-off - and not because of any disagreement. I link to a diverse group of bloggers and you don't have to agree with me to get a link. If a blog, be it right-left-middle, is mean, however, it won't get a link.

I also don't do "quid pro quo" links. If I like your blog, I'll probably link to it and I hope you'll follow the same approach, but it's your call.

This is a modestly successful blog; sort of a small corner drugstore as opposed to the major chains such as Instapundit and Althouse. I'm not pandering when I say that although I don't have a huge number of readers, the ones I do have are so many notches above the norm that there is no real comparison. I read comments on some other sites and they make me extremely appreciative of this audience. [I was recently likened to Darth Vader in a comment on one of my posts that bounced around the Internet. I had to smile at that one.]

I'm also amazed at the high quality of so many of the blogs out there. [You know who you are because I link to you all the time.] If these are written by a bunch of eccentrics in pajamas - as the media establishment likes to snort - then some magazines should issue sleep wear to their staff.

I continue to be slow in commenting on comments. Please forgive me. By the time I get around to responding to some remarks I'm sure the original commenter has moved on to other things. This is not something I'm proud of.

You'll be seeing some tweaks here and there but the core of will remain the same.


Sloth. Pure sloth.


Richard said...

I like the re-design Michael. However, who is the old guy in the photo? :-)
Notice that you have to really search for a photo of the FutureLawyer; and, when you find one, it is at least 20 years old.

Michael Wade said...


There should be a caption: Objects in photo are older than they appear.


Anonymous said...


You're most definitely appreciated...

Markedly above the lowest common denominator.

Thanks for all the effort...

Eclecticity said...

And... why mess with success? Keep up the great work Michael. We appreciate you! E.