Friday, September 24, 2010

No More Than Necessary

You do not have to have a foreign policy. You need not worry about every sparrow that falls. You can stay up all night fretting over the decline of the rain forest and not one tree will be spared. If you don't purchase from a particular store, it is unlikely that your restraint will push them into bankruptcy. The report that was not perfect was fine and a perfect one probably would have missed the deadline. No one noticed that you wore your old socks. They didn't care that a hair was out of place. You really don't have to have an expensive car or watch or pen to make a good impression. Your initial nervousness endeared you to the audience. Your career will not end because you failed to read all of last week's newspapers. The gossip-mongers forgot about you hours ago and are onto someone else.

Why keep adding unnecessary pressures when there are enough unsolicited ones on your desk?

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