Thursday, September 30, 2010

Checking Your Virtues

You're analytical: Do you over-analyze issues to the point of wasting time or being indecisive?
You're a great schmoozer: Do you schmooze so much that you are becoming an irritant and are neglecting other responsibilities?
You are deferential: Do you defer so much to others that you are regarded as weak? Would it make more sense just to hand total responsibility for a particular issue over to others?
You are decisive: Are you weakening the decision making skills of your staff? Are you rushing through decisions that deserve more thought?
You are collegial: Are you going along with the group and is the consulting process consuming too much time?
You are a stickler for procedures: Is your rigidity keeping information from you? Are you missing the big picture?
You are results-oriented: In your hurry to get things done, are you failing to refine the efforts that can more consistently produce the desired results?
You are a pragmatist: Are you settling too often for the easy solution instead of the best solution?
You are a perfectionist: Is your quest for perfection becoming a form of paralysis?
You are cautious: Are you closing the door to new ideas and beneficial experiences?
You are creative: Is your creativity producing a lack of focus?
You are a hard worker: Are you giving yourself enough time to think?
You are upbeat and optimistic: Are you failing to see the dangers?
You can spot subtle messages: Are you reading too much into things?
You are eloquent: Do you rely on your ability to talk your way out of problems?
You are an achiever: Are you assuming that will be the case in all endeavors?
You are knowledgeable: Are you failing to consider the thoughts of others?

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