Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Relationships

This person's technical skills are impressive. That person is a marvelous analyst. That other individual can predict certain developments in a way that is close to magical.

But they are not lone operators. The team will only succeed if they pay sufficient, positive, attention to their relationships with one another.

Consider how often we slide past that crucial point. We are focused on details and goals and, amid those pressures, taking the time to get to know someone better or to learn about that person's worries and hopes seems like a distraction.

If we hope to get things done though, we need to get the relationships right. It is an important daily chore, and yet if done correctly, it becomes a pleasure.

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Fred said...

There are no KPI's for that stuff....if you cannot measure it and put it on a spreadsheet then analyze it, then it has no value...