Thursday, March 10, 2011

Different Styles

  • Jack likes oral reports and sighs whenever he sees a stack of mandatory reading.
  • Mary gets uneasy with oral reports and relaxes as soon as a proposal is reduced to writing.
  • Jack wants to move quickly and iron out any problems along the way.
  • Mary wants all of the contingencies to be analyzed before proceeding with any major project.
  • Jack is comfortable with vagueness and uncertainty because he believes that trusting relationships are the safety net and that even the best agreement will encounter unforeseen circumstances.
  • Mary wants specifics and regards ambiguity as fertile ground for misunderstanding and conflict.
  • Jack likes a low-to-medium level of conflict.
  • Mary regards conflict as a sign that someone is behaving improperly.
  • Both have solid records of achievement.
  • Jack and Mary have just been assigned to negotiate an agreement with an outside organization.
  • Things are about to get interesting.

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