Friday, June 03, 2011

Aging the Work

I had a couple of posts written for this morning but decided to let them age a few more days. Many of the posts that go into the aging vat never emerge. What appears to be a deep insight one morning may be drivel the next.

This does not mean that procrastination is the norm. I set deadlines for myself and have an internal quality detector that tells me when something is reasonably good and is not going to be improved with delay. Sometimes, that detector breaks down but not often.

Still, there is an advantage in not rushing. I have rarely regretted not writing something quickly but have rued the times when the product was premature. Those of us who scribble are strange creatures who howl into a canyon for the sound, not knowing if we'll hear an echo or another person.

Why hurry? With the aging may come the thought.


Bob said...

I do that, especially with emails, often leave them in drafts until the next day or afternoon, 90% of the time they get drastically changed or go into that electronic recycling bin, never to be seen from again. Expressing how you think and feel now is good, but it is interesting how a few hours can change your own opinions......

Michael Wade said...


That's a good practice. I think that emails are especially in need of aging.