Saturday, June 04, 2011

Winning Your Own Attention

You may have heard of individuals who seclude themselves until a project is finished. Their technique is designed to provide uninterrupted focus. It reminds me of the stories about General Grant who, if he were studying a paper at one table and needed to look at one nearby, would remain in the same crouched position as he shuffled over to scan the other document and then would make the return trip in the same posture.

There are times when the intense focus works for me and yet at other times I need to work in bursts. I conclude a series of "next actions" on several projects, knowing all along that I'm making incremental progress.

This is a fairly recent discovery for me. Before then, I was strictly a "hide away, focus, and get it done" practitioner until I learned that the environment and the focus may not follow where my attention wants to be.

Fighting the war for your own attention may require more than one strategy.

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