Monday, August 01, 2011

Assumptions and Barriers

Part of my morning was spent listing assumptions and barriers regarding training and coaching projects.

I don't much mind the mistakes I knowingly make, but the ones that are on the desk in front of me and yet remain unnoticed are irritating. We so easily fall into grooves and continue to operate in a certain manner because we've always done it that way - we all hate that rationale but can inadvertently adopt it - and so sometimes it helps to play the record backwards in order to see what emerges.

What pictures are we forming? Are they the most accurate way to perceive a project or process? Are the items that we have deemed necessary truly necessary? Are self-imposed barriers keeping us from our goals?

Scribble, scribble. Think.


Bob said...

That's one reason I like going to other peoples presentations even if I know the material, although sometimes I have to sew my lips closed. I welcome peers into my class, though most trainers hate it. I always pick up something, I think it's always good to get another prospective...

Michael Wade said...


We can learn a great deal once the ego is set aside.