Friday, September 23, 2011

Delegation Questions

  1. Do I give this to a committee that may bury it or should it go to a smaller group or an individual?

  2. If it is a group, have I designated the leader?

  3. Can the person or group do the job?

  4. Do I have a clear picture of what is wanted and what is not wanted so that contrast can be conveyed?

  5. Have I conveyed that picture?

  6. Have I announced the assignment so others will cooperate with the project?

  7. Have I delegated enough power to get the job done?

  8. Are there strings attached that will keep the person returning to me for approval on minor items?

  9. Does the person have adequate access to needed resources?

  10. Is there a problem of overlap with any other person or group?

  11. Does the person know the potential allies and adversaries?

  12. Have the likely barriers been identified?

  13. Have I set interim deadlines so problems can be caught early?

  14. Are the deadlines reasonable and specific?

  15. Is there a clear understanding of what the situation will be once the assignment is done and which new challenges will await?

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