Friday, September 16, 2011

Screening Blog Posts

Is it too:

  • Academic?

  • Personal?

  • Political?

  • Frivolous?

  • Narrow?

  • Obtuse?

  • Local?

  • Strident?

  • Common?

  • Mean?

  • Squishy?

  • Stuffy?

A sizable number of drafts will never be posted once the Great Screening Machine is fired up.

That's a good thing.


Kurt Harden said...

THAT'S IT! I gotta screen stuff. I knew I was missing something.

You do a fabulous job of posting consistently superb links and thoughts. Thanks.


Eclecticity said...

I have no friggn' idea what you are talking about man. E.

(And I expect a response from the Sage of Phoenix that will make me hoot.)

Michael Wade said...


You are most kind. All depends, of course, upon the blog. Some of the greatest items on your blog are the local ones.


If you think the Sage of Phoenix is a wit you may be half-right.


Eclecticity said...

More of a audible snicker than a bona fide hoot. But clearly you were shooting for a more intellectual repartee. Good on ya Master. E.