Saturday, September 17, 2011

Way Too Much Fun

This has been my year for dental work.

After decades of few problems, I've entered a strange world of dental implants and related exotica. While my dental advisors debate the mysterious cause of some recent discomfort and ponder a remedy, I'm learning the soothing qualities of lemon extract, clove, and pain pills.

Bear with me.


Kurt Harden said...

The trick with an implant is to NEVER let anything get in between the very top of it and gums.

If you don't already, buy a supply of those combination picks and mini flossers. Perfect.

I've had one for years and love it.

Eclecticity said...

We're always patient with the patient.

Sad fact of life I was thinking just this morning. Everything wears down. Everything wears out. Think of those strong bridges over rivers that must be perpetually maintained. I suppose the blood in our veins eventually wears out those tubes. The food that has sustained us wears out our teeth...

I've got one implant already. I'm in for a couple more crown right now.

But I guess it's nice to know, they say those implants will out last us.

Comforting huh?


Michael Wade said...

A very belated thanks to both of you. Things seem to be on the mend.