Friday, September 23, 2011

The Dinner Party Question: A Variation

All of us have heard of the dinner party question: If you could invite anyone in history to a dinner party, who would be on your guest list?

Here is a twist: If you could pick anyone in history to serve as executives in your organization, who would make the list?

Let's limit the count to seven.


Kurt Harden said...

Cyrus, Aristotle, Peter Grace, Marcus Aurelius, Eli Whitney, Warren Buffett.

Reka-Zsuzsanna said...

I answered this once, but didn't have my corporate hat on I'm afraid. I picked my immediate family - and imagined vividly just to see them one more time again...
of course re-thinking it would have been Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, my company's CEO, Mark Zukerberg, Warren Buffet, and Oprah.

Michael Wade said...


Good choices!


Michael Wade said...


That's an interesting bunch. I was waiting for Oprah to show up.


Craig Brown said...

Socrates would keep the bastards sharp.
Ptahhotep to guide customer discovery (ie listen well)
David Hume to call out the BS
Derrida to argue for the last responsible moment
John Holt to guide strategy and HR
Andrew WK for the Christmas party bufoonery
Shatner for post work whikey...

Where are the women? Whoops!

Richard (Rick) Georges said...

Jesus Christ, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Aquinas, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison and Thomas More.

Michael Wade said...

Craig and Richard,

Thanks for setting a high standard. Great choices!