Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

One path has deceit, selfishness, cynicism, cowardice, cruelty, pettiness, materialism, manipulation, narcissism, tastelessness, and insincerity.

The other has trustworthiness, integrity, generosity, caring, kindness, loyalty, respect, courage, fairness, frugality, gratitude, self-discipline, and self-sacrifice.

If we can keep on the latter and stay away from the first, then all of our New Years will be happy.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year back at you, Michael. Your blog is so important in its variety of ways to approach wisdom, culture, and fun. Thank you so much - may 2012 be just as good!

- Roger Cantrell

Michael Wade said...


Thank you very much. May you have a great 2012!


Bob said...

I've been away from my desk for a few days, and I made time today to catch up on your blog, I was quite looking forward to it actually. Thanks for all your hard work I am sure a lot of people appreciate it :) Even if they are right around the other side, at the bottom, of the world :) 105degF here today....


Michael Wade said...


Sounds wild. Thanks for checking in.

Happy New Year!