Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Power to the Sonic

CoolTools checks out the Colgate Sonic Power Toothbrush.

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John said...

Wow. This link gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "tongue in cheek."

The title and subject of the post (as well as yours) refers to the Colgate 360, a relatively inexpensive battery-powered electric toothbrush with rotary action.

The first comment recognizes the product referring to an "off-label" application as a mini-sander. But more than half the comments refer to an entirely different product, the Phillips Sonicare, which is the Cadillac of tooth care (with a price to match, I might add -- for the price of a single Sonicare you can probably get a whole case of Colgate 360's).

It makes me wonder that so many readers are either confused or simply don't pay attention.

To be fair, I might not have caught the mix-up except that we have a dental assistant in the family and my wife and I each have one of those Cadillac models.

(They are set to time your tooth and gum care for a full two minutes, punctuated by a little power blip every 30 seconds so you can keep up. I can tell you that two minutes is a reallly loooong tiiiime to have that instrument working in your mouth. I make it happen about twice a week for the whole two minutes. Any less makes you have guilt. I'm careful not to do it daily cuz I don't want to feel self-righteous.)