Monday, December 19, 2011

Old Dog

I messed up my wrist today, possibly while lifting a briefcase out of the car. I'd buy the liniment that my parents used to slap on strained muscles except that product, with its label promising cures for a multitude of ailments, may no longer be available due to some pesky legal restrictions. I may be able to find it in the back of an abandoned dry cleaning store.

The other day I was commiserating with an old lawyer who had, as the phrase goes, taken a fall, how you get to a certain age (another conveniently vague phrase) when you notice bumps and bruises that seem to have come from nowhere. This produces a certain caution that was not needed in earlier days when the body was less prone to play tricks.

Stretching across a car and using a couple of fingers to snag a heavy briefcase has just been added to my growing List of Things to Think About.


Bob said...

Arrr yes.....but did the briefcase have a warning sticker on it? ;)

Michael Wade said...


Ha! "Briefcase lifter beware!"