Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Promotion Checklist

  1. Performing your current job very well.
  2. Letting others know how well you perform your job.
  3. Having a detailed knowledge of the selection process.
  4. Flawlessly preparing all of the appropriate application materials.
  5. Not making unnecessary enemies.
  6. Knowing who will make the final decision.
  7. Knowing your likely competitors and how they compare to you.
  8. Knowing how the incumbent has been regarded.
  9. Knowing what the decision maker wants maintained.
  10. Knowing what the decision maker wants changed.
  11. Having a well-placed friend or two prepared to put in a discreet word for you.
  12. Being ready to handle the job.
  13. Looking and acting the part.
  14. Preparing for the interview.
  15. Undergoing a mock interview.
  16. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths.
  17. Knowing why you want the job.
  18. Getting your thoughts organized and yourself in the proper frame of mind.
  19. Avoiding overstatements.
  20. Having a concise statement of what you can do for them and why they should hire you.
  21. Wanting it without wanting it too much.

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