Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Protecting Good Ideas

"That's a very good idea."

"So should I take it to the committee?"

"I'd sooner push it into traffic. This is not the sort of idea one takes directly to a committee."

"Why not?"

"Because the members will either strangle it or make so many modifications that what once was a promising proposal will be unrecognizable after it is dropped by their sharp little claws."

"Other items go to committee."

"Those items are durable. They can be thumped, pierced, and kicked without serious damage. Your idea is fragile. It may have to be introduced in segments. It might be necessary to develop a strategy to get the committee to rule out all of the characteristics of approaches that are not your idea, so that all that remains is to adopt your idea. By then, it will be their idea. Remember the old line: 'No one argues against their own data.'"

"That may take time."

"True, but it is more promising than trying to revive a shattered idea. Things will probably move much more quickly than you imagine."

"So what's the first step?"



Eclecticity said...

More evidence that Michael Wade (The Sage of Phoenix) has been around the block. E.

Michael Wade said...



I'll resist putting that title on my business cards. My career has been built on low expectations.