Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lessons from the First 80

Cultural Offering has the lessons that Byron Wien gleaned from his first 80 years of life.

If you were to pass along three of your own lessons, what would they be?

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Dan in Philly said...

Well, I don't have quite as much experience as him, but here goes:

1)Find out what you do better than anyone else (or at least better than most), and then try to maneuver your life so you do that thing a lot, especially in your professional life. I remember BB King saying that when he started out, he tried to play like everyone else and was told that there were people sweeping up the stage every night who could play much better than he ever could like that. He learned he could play a different style better than anyone, and became BB King.

2)There are two hands which must be used to maximize your value – effectiveness and efficiency. They are different things and if you ignore one you will only be able to get so far with the other before you hit a ceiling.

3)If you love to learn, you will have a constant delight in what life has to offer.