Thursday, February 21, 2013

Patience and Impatience

Just as there are highly ambitious people who will, when they get close to achieving a goal, succumb to self-doubt, I suspect there is a sizable group that alternates between impatience and patience.

After all, few people are patient or impatient all the time. My guess is that many of us are in a sub-group which has a 90 percent Patient/10 percent Impatient mode. We are hugely patient about most matters but quite impatient about a few. Those can be divided even further into Things That Always Trigger Impatience, Things That Occasionally Do So and, of course, Things That Never Do.

What are my triggers?

  1. Management books that don't get to the point. Do I really need to read a story about a kid's science project before the author lets slip some insight?
  2. Speakers that don't get to the point. Put me down as a Calvin Coolidge fan.
  3. Meetings that don't get to the point. I'm beginning to see a trend.
Your own?

1 comment:

Dan in Philly said...

People who talk about things they don't really understand.

Alas, this means most TV news opinion shows are totally unwatchable for me.