Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Random Thoughts

It is a big day when a person realizes that the world has its own set of rules. If you stare at one long enough, the ceiling of a hospital room can contain a lot of wisdom. When non-lawyers try to act like lawyers, why don't they act like nice lawyers? Anyone can arrive at an ethical decision after hours or days. The real trick is to make one within seconds. Everyone should learn how to use a compass. Some of the most arrogant executives I've ever met work for government. So do some of the best. When organizations are in trouble there is a temptation to change everything but the organization. "We've always done it that way" shows signs of eternal life. When making comparisons, it helps to know the industry or else you may benchmark with a corpse. Equality should be a springboard so people can rise and not a hook for dragging people down. Beware of those who adopt politics as their religion. Few people are even close to knowing your burdens. We downplay the importance of experience in theory but recognize it in our daily lives. One skill to seek is to be able to write as effortlessly as you speak. If Churchill had not produced results, his most stirring speeches would now be sources of amusement . . . in a German museum. Every day we assign matters to the Caring and Not Caring columns. If we are to be effective the second had better be longer. Modern technology may be taking us into a very comfortable, well-connected, cave. One of the greatest mistakes we can make is to assume that a healthy civilization cannot become ill and fragile. Take time today to savor a cup of coffee or tea and to give careful thought to a news article. The world is yours and magic can be found in small things. Perhaps it is only in small things.

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