Thursday, July 24, 2014

Random Thoughts

One of the greatest challenges in any organization is to overcome a surprising amount of inertia on important issues. Individuals and groups naturally drift toward complexity.  A leader who continually makes excuses no longer deserves to be a leader. It is telling that while there are attempts to make vegetables that taste like meat, no one tries to make meat which tastes like vegetables. I have an old fashioned reaction whenever seeing a war or a fight: I ask who started it. You can learn a great deal about people when you discover what they read for pleasure in high school. Many of us fight a daily battle against sloth disguised as busyness. An efficient way to discover the flaws in a plan is to present it to a group and declare that the plan is perfect. There is a huge difference between having humility and feeling unworthy. Extreme politeness between two people can be a sign that they dislike one another. Office buildings should consider renting special rooms designed for naps. A common mistake of boards and staff is to infringe upon each other's territory. The map of a bureaucrat is filled with one-way streets which are dead-ends. Be on the alert for discredited practices with new titles. Anyone who relies upon television for the news may be well misinformed. The lessons of history are usually ignored until a nation is in the emergency ward. I have never heard Aaron Copland's music on the radio without feeling happy. For many, the main achievement of graduate school is an increased vocabulary of jargon and weasel words. I wonder if we'd get more done if days were only 12 hours long. Men notice a woman's jewelry. Women notice a man's shoes. An ethical person is not just honest and kind but also brave and ambitious.

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