Wednesday, July 30, 2014


"Why do we do A?"
"Because Alex was a big fan of A."
"Who's Alex?"
"Alex was the VP in Cleveland."
"Why don't I know him?"
"He left around five years ago."
"So why are we still doing this? Alex is gone and we're in Dallas."
"True, but Alex was very close to Ellen, if you know what I mean, and Ellen is still here."
"Where? I've never hear of her."
"She dropped the Ellen and now goes by her initials: E. A."
"But I take it she also dropped Alex."
"That's true. But she oversees our area and a few others."
"And she likes A?"
"We don't know but Alex might have gotten the idea from her and so...."
"And so we're still doing it."
"And you're worried that she might get mad if we stop doing A?"
"That's about the size of it."
"Isn't that crazy?"
"Perhaps. Do you think we should stop doing it?"

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