Saturday, February 07, 2015

Common Questions at Supervisory Workshops

  1. How do I get my employees to do what they are supposed to do without my having to remind them?
  2. How can I keep my boss from making it more difficult for us to get the job done?
  3. How can I personally get things done?
  4. How can I handle a negative employee who is pulling down the team?
  5. How should I manage my time?


Wally Bock said...

Those questions were common in my workshops, too. New supervisors always want to know how to talk to a team member about performance or behavior. Experienced supervisors wanted to know that, too, but also put learning how to deal with their boss high on their learning priority list.

Michael Wade said...


You are correct.

I found that whether I was teaching a class in New York, Alabama, Alaska or California, the same old questions would come up.

We keep returning to the basics.