Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Done? Finished? Completed? Not Quite.

I spent several hours this morning going over a project that I'd considered done, at least on the surface. There had been an uneasiness, however, that signaled it wasn't quite finished but I couldn't pinpoint just what was lacking.

A couple of nights ago the answer arrived but it too was hazy and not quite on target.

I located the target this morning. My scribbling began at a car repair shop and will continue through this afternoon and evening.

Not unusual, right?

What is interesting - at least to me - is what caused me to miss it earlier. Now everything seems obvious. Why did I resist seeing it? The usual culprits have been examined and the prime suspects are Fatigue and Impatience.

Both are career criminals.


Wally Bock said...

The more interesting thing to me is that "uneasiness" you mention. Seems like your conscious brain thought you were done, and well done, too. But then came "that rumblin' way down in the ground." That uneasiness drove you to look for a solution.

Michael Wade said...


I've found that my intuition for what is a problem is far more accurate than my intuition for what is good.

It may be some primal early warning system.