Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Indirect Approach

I pulled my shoulder last night but then, with the spirit of Hercules unchained, did yard work as well as some preparation of an exam for an online class. My wife and I each have minor medical appointments today, none of which are shoulder-related. My goal is to get through meetings without doing the Quasimodo.

A friend in the cattle biz spoke with me recently and eloquently described the beauty of his surroundings. He was lounging about in the north country and, while lying on a picnic table, raved on about the pines. I reciprocated by noting that I was parked outside the county jail and was carefully pondering a nearby landfill. 

Reminder: Life can be unfair.

This is a very roundabout way of getting to a subject that I've been considering: how much of what we do well is tied to seemingly unrelated subjects. People attending my management classes may encounter lessons from Caesar Augustus and Napoleon as often as ones from Drucker, Mintzberg, and Bennis. We can explore the early days of Honda or the final moments of the Iranian rescue mission. There is much to learn.

Look about. We are surrounded by lessons.

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