Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The WWII Generation Passes

The World War II generation is passing away and with them their stories. A quick list of a few people I've met who were affected by that war:
  • A man who flew multiple bombing missions over Germany.
  • A member of the Hitler Youth who later served on a U-boat.
  • An FBI agent who worked against Nazi infiltration in South America.
  • A scientist who served in the Red Army, was shot by a German sniper, and later was exiled by the Soviet regime.
  • An academic who was arrested by the Gestapo.
  • A Holocaust survivor.
  • A mild man who drove a tank in Patton's Third Army.
  • An Army veteran who participated in the execution of Nazi war criminals.
  • A Marine who was in the invasion of Okinawa.
  • A Filipino who, along with other law students, set bonfires to signal American bombers.
  • A pilot who spent several years in a German POW camp.
We are surrounded by history.

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