Monday, September 21, 2015


You know the dream. 

You are back in school and you suddenly realize that the final exam for your English. Math or whatever class is today and you are freaking our because you have not attended that class for months. It somehow slipped your mind.

I have that dream and another where I'm back in the Army. That one is not stressful at all but the test one is always "How could I have forgotten to attend a class for months?"

And that produces a question: I knew some guys who didn't attend class for months and who would just show up for the final. 

Do you think they have a dream in which they've been attending class?


Steve said...

That's been a recurring dream - maybe nightmare - of mine since my college days in the 1970s. Usually a Physics or Math exam is the culprit. Since I started teaching in the 1990s, I sometimes have dream that I have to teach a class in five minutes and haven't even looked at the syllabus to see what I'm supposed to be teaching. The test dream hasn't gone away, it's more that my dreams have been supplemented by another anxiety.

Michael Wade said...


I wonder how many versions are out there. I teach management workshops and can recall having one dream similar to yours but I'm still a student in 99% of my "school" dreams.

Those are strange enough!